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  • Non Kevo Keys and Locks

    • Azotea keys (roof deck) 

      • Blue House - in a hide a key box on the stair rail​

      • Orange House - hanging at the top of the stairs.  

        • Hurricane shutter for roof top kitchen - Use the remote hanging near the light switch at the top of the stairs​ to open and close

    • Your room have a patio?  Patio locks are in each room usually on tables or in closets near the patio or in that apartment's safe.   Ask your sponsor where to find​​ patio keys if not in the safe.  A good place to try is the silverware drawer.

    • Forget your keys?  Your phone ekey quits working?  There are "Real Estate lock boxes" on the iron gates in front of each house.  Ask for the combination.

  • Locking up at Night​

    • Does your apartment have Iron Bars that can be closed and locked across the patio doors and/or windows?  Some people close​ and lock these at night and some people don't.   Have someone show you where the keys are.   

      • Apt 6.  Some guests just use the wooden dowels as an additional lock on the sliding glass doors to the South Patio and leave the iron gates "parked".

  • Getting out without a key.  In both houses, there's a handle for the BlueTooth lock you can use if you need to get out. 

    • Blue House:  on the shelf in the bottom stairwell

    • Orange House: behind the tile doors at the bottom of the stairs.  If you open the electrical box, you'll find keys to the other outside locks as well.  

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