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First, Download and Install the Kevo App on your phone.  You'll create a free account with Kevo.

Next, request an ekey via email from your El Nido sponsor. When you receive the email, accept the key.

Alternatively, you can accept the key from the app.

(Be sure the email you use to sign in to your account is the same as the one you give to your sponsor.)

Now just "touch to open" the Kevo locks for your apartment.  We also have physical keys which you can get from your sponsor.   

Your sponsor will also show you how to lock the front gate at each house and also how to get in or out if your Kevo key doesn't work.

If your lock won't work, the first step is to calibrate it.

Tap the gear icon and then the three little dots "...". 

Click "calibration".

(your screen might be slightly different than the screen shot)

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