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Phones Calls and Plans.

Some USA cell phone plans cover Mexico. 

If yours doesn't, here's a website that may help you figure out the best plan for your stay. 

Communications in Mexico


We use Skype to call the USA and Canada.

When you are at one of the ElNido homes, you can connect via WiFi and make your call without incurring any expense.  Skype can be installed on both your phone and your laptop.


We encourage you to download WhatsApp from your service provider's App store.  

WhatsApp is the most popular text messaging system in Mexico and it's probably free for you, but you might want to check on that.  We'll use it for group messages during your stay ("Cheese Club at 6:00 at 49 Pedregoso" might be sent to your Mazatlan WhatsApp Group, for example).


Conference Calls

  • We use Skype or GoToMeeting for conference calls. 

  • Sometimes the connection is dropped and you have to rejoin.   We suggest you run a test session the day before if it's an important call.

  • Seems like it we get fewer drops if we reboot the router an hour or so before an important call. 

    • Easy, just a switch on an electrical strip that you switch off for 20 seconds or so and then switch back on. 

    • 49: the electrical switch is behind the tile lined electrical box in the stairway on the second floor. 

    • BH: the switch is below the kitchen table in Apt 8.  

  • See Walden or Octavio for help if you need it.


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