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Scroll way down to Sinaloa in this state department website (will take a minute or two for the state department website to materialize).

For many years the state department has had a travel advisory in effect for the state of Sinaloa.

The advisory explicitly exempts Old Town Mazatlan (where our houses are) as well as well as the Golden Zone.  

We haven't had any problems, but if you don't feel comfortable with this advisory, you shouldn't visit!

The best indicator of security is probably cruise ship scheduling.  

As you would suspect, the cruise lines are very, very sensitive to security.

10 years ago the cruise ships quit coming to Mazatlan.

After the city and state focused on improving security, the cruise ships are back.

Most of the major cruise lines now schedule Mazatlan stops; even Disney Cruises added Mazatlan in 2018.  



Spoof about traveling from Mexico to the USA.

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