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  • Hot Water

    • Turn handle to the left​

    • Read War and Peace (wait 2 or 3 minutes for the hot water to start flowing)

    • Hot water is solar, so if it's cloudy, conserve

    • Be careful, the sun is hot and so is the water when it starts flowing

  • Sleeping

    • Sound Machines.  These work great to hide barking dogs and loud music​.  Fool around with the buttons to get the sound and volume you want.  Unplug when you leave (if the electricity goes off and then back on, they automatically start up).

    • Ear Plugs.  Top rated.  Please take with you when you leave, our compliments.

  • Ceiling Fans.  Have someone show you how to work the remotes or just fool around with them until you figure it out.  Most people set the remotes and then use the light switch to turn the fans on/off.  Each fan also has a dimmable light.  ​

  • Air Conditioning.  All apartments have air conditioning, although it is rarely used.  If you need it, let someone know so they can uncover the compressors that are on the roof.  No problem using them at all.

  • Hair Dryers.  If your apartment doesn't have one, ask.

  • Irons and Ironing Boards.  In each house. 

    • Blue House:  Apartment 1 storage closet​

    • Orange House:  Apartment 1 storage closet (where the washing machine is)

  • Massage.  Some visitors have said that she gives the best massage they have ever had.  Claudia lives in the neighborhood and brings her table to the house.  Check with Kevin for current prices and for help, or WhatsApp her at +52 1 669 146 8501.

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